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Produktnummer:  MK2533GSG
Pris: 1.293,00 kr.
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2500GB HDD - 1.8", 5400RPM, SATA, 15ms, 16MB
The Toshiba MKxx33GSG Series of 1.8-inch hard disk drives (HDDs) feature industry-leading capacity and performance coupled with the benefits of low power consumption and ruggedness in a compact storage solution. Equipped with a high-performance 5,400 RPM rotational speed and 16MB buffer, the Serial ATA, MKxx33GSG family offers up to 320GB of storage capacity and utilizes close to 25% less power than comparable 2.5-inch hard disk drives during seek operations.

Weighing only 62 grams and designed to withstand up to 1,500Gs of non-operating shock, these light weight and durable drives provide an ideal solution for today's demanding mobile applications. The small footprint and large storage capacity of the MKxx33GSG Series are well-suited for a variety of on-the-go computing needs, including laptop PCs, mini-notebooks, printers, and external add-on storage applications.

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