IMATION 10x DVD-RW 4,7GB 120Min 4x

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DVD-RW, 4x, 4.7GB, Jewelcase, 10 Pack
Imation DVD-RW discs are the complete recording and high capacity data storage solution at work or at home, with 4.7 GB of space on a single disc. In addition to being able to store thousands of digital photographs, MP3 audio files or other large files, such as presentations or graphics, they are also perfect for music and video recording, at home or in the studio, whether this is to be played back on a PC or a TV. A 4.7GB DVD-RW can record up to 2 hours of high quality MPEG2 DVD video, or 4 hours when set to EP (extended play) mode. They are also highly flexible, allowing a combination of both digital video and audio files on the same disc.

DVD-RW discs are ideal for duplicating, and being rewritable up to 1,000 times, they are also perfect for data transfer and software development.

Reasons to buy
-High capacity.
-Reliable, rewritable data storage.
-From Imation, the data storage brand trusted by more businesses than any other.

-4.7GB capacity.
-Rewritable format allows 1,000 rewrite cycles.
-Complete disc compatibility between DVD Video players and DVD+RW recorders.
-Holds seven times more data than a full size CD-R.
-Outstanding picture quality.
-Long archival life.
-Available in 4x recording speeds.
-Fully recorded disc in 16 minutes at 4x speed.

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